Examples of Consumer Products

The following products were all engineered by Badencorp based on customer requirements.

The Cloud-9 Bike® seat is a plastic injection seat with steel wire frame and foam padding. Actual size 14 in X 8 in

The Magic Sphere® (A toy based off of the Rubiks Cube ™®). Rotate the sides to align the colors. Actual size 5 inch Sphere.

The "Staple Eater®" Shown assembled and as an injection molded part. actual size about 3 inch X 2 inch

The EyePod® is a Contact Lens inserter/remover. Actual size 3 in X 1 inch

SLEEP-AIR® by Remgenic is a sleep apnea device consisting of numerous parts made of ABS, Silicone and Neoprene

RAINCLOUD® is an electronic device that controls sprinkler systems via an app that runs on your smart device. Design is made of ABS plastic . Actual size 8" X 6"

Plastic wishbone®. A novelty gift used similar to a fortune cookie. Each arm could be labeled appropriate to an occasion such as "Obama and McCain". Actual size 4 inch X 3 inch

The "See and Sing Along"® Children's Toy. Turning the knobs causes a cutomizable and inter-changable scroll to move across the view area while a children's song is playing. Picture is motorized  to turn automatically or via turning the knobs. Main parts are blow molded plastic. Actual size 14 inch X 18 inch.