Complete Design solutions. Regardless of the size or complxity, we can can provide all aspects of project design through to manufacturing to deliver competed deliverables.
Consumer product deign requires more aesthetics than typical machine design situations. The designers must have artistic flare to create products that not only perform to specifications but are also pleasing to the eye and ergonomically comfortable.
Lofting or complex surface creations is a dieing artform. Don't be fooled by surfaces that "look" nice. There is a allot of math and technique behind the creation of complex surfaces. Failure to recognize or understand these principles yields surfaces that cause downstream issues during design and manufacturing.
Our background is from the aerospace industry. We are knowledgeable on all aspects of aerospace design from lofting to structure and systems design to manufacturing, we are capable of undertaking any design task. All our designing is done using the High End 3D CAD/CAM tool called CATIA. As a result,we can build the design virtually on the computer to assure that parts fit together (known as 3D Digital Mock Up).


Data conversion is the task of taking existing geometry (which is typically in some form of 2D form such as blue prints, mylar drawings or 2D datasets in DWG format.) and converting them into the higher form of geometric represenaation known as 3D Solid Modeling. We can take any type of 2D information and provide you with fully modeled 3D geometries using CATIA. All solids come with a completey modifiable "history tree" and are named in any convention the customer requests..