See how we supported our troops designing a Humvee Egress assisistance Trainer HEAT). This fast-tracked design ;project incorprated all design elements from structural design to electrical to fail safe systems with required logic board design.

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We are a fully equipped engineering and consulting firm. We have the skills and equipment required to take on any engineering design or fabrication task.

Engineering Design

Our designers are both excellent at the design of parts and the use of 3D CAD/CAM software. This allows us to perform engineering tasks to a high degree of expertise and efficiency. Our engineering services can be used to alleviate peak work loads (offloading) or we can accomplish complete design/build projects.

Structural Design

We can create any type of structure from Buildings to Airplnes. Whether its structural steel members, machined parts, lay-ups or sheet metal, we can design any type of structure you need.

Kinematic Analysis

We can take your existing CAD or paper based mechanisms and model them as 3D solids to apply kinematics for dynamic interference and load studies.

System Routing

Whether ECS, tubing or electrical, we can route any system withing the Digital Mock-up we create form existing assemblies.  From complex ducting shapes, to Tube bend data, to flattened wiring form boards, we can accomplish any type of system routing task.

Tool design

As required, we can generte any type of tool or fixture data. From complex 5 axis machined panels to simple fixtures for formed sheet metal, we can satisfy any type of tooling requirement.

Stress Analysis

We can generate mesh models from your existing CAD or paper definitions, assign material properties and loads. We then use high end solvers including: ANSYS, NASTRAN, PATRAN and ElFini to generate the various outputs including: