Electronic MockUp (sometimes referred to as Digital MockUp) is the use of a relational database in conjunction with 3D solid models to generate a virtual representation of a real assembly of parts. The purpose is to visualize the maturation of the design in progress therefore reducing the number of design errors and allow for true concurent engineering and release (the input of all design disciplines concurrently throughout the design/build process).

Our companies founders pioneered the concepts and techniques of Solid Modeling based, Electronic Mockup in mid 1980's and have continued to lead the industry in knowledge and support of this technology. We can take on any mockup task from electric blenders to fighter aircraft. Let us take your existing geometry, regardless of its format, and convert it into a 3D electronic MockUp. All solids will have complete modifiable construction trees .

Since 1986. our representatives have been involved with numerous large scale, CATIA based mock up projects including:

  • Space Shuttle
  • Boeing 7J7
  • General Dynamics F-16
  • General Dynamics A-12
  • Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey
  • Bell AH-1W
  • Sikorsky S-71
  • Gulfstream G-4, 5
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Ingalls Shipbuilding

We have been involved with all aspects of large mock up installations. From initial set up to final execution.